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apakah selama ini tiada warga emas yang berdaftar?warga emas mana? cina yang ramaikan?
mali kassim adalah manusia yang menjadi perancang utama untuk menghancurkan guan eng.guan eng mungkin tahu hal ini. apa tidaknya, semua message beliau perolehi dan beliau yang merencana kejatuhan fairuz.

Yang pertama : "This message is sent to YB Malik. "The sacking of johari kassim is another evil doing of dap. I tell you what the general public view. Keadilan diperbodoh oleh dap dan membiarkan kaum cina berleluasa ke atas kaum muslim. All of you no guts and should be answerable to Allah for not fighting. Lim Guan Eng is deceitful and the enemy within yet you treat him like your master. Kebodohan yang amat ketara."

Yang Kedua : Jo, another point. DAP has grand plan to wipe out capable Malay and appoint Malay that are willing to kowtow with them. For example, Patahiyah was "promoted" so they can appoint their man Yew. They are going to to reshuffle Planning and Maimunah will be promoted to non-key position like Warisan and Khoo Boo Soon to be Pengarah Perancangan. Within one month 3 Malays are being replaced by 3 Chinese in MPPP. cc YB Mansor and YB halim.

Yang Ketiga : Message by Dr halim. "Thay take full advantage whn malays were complacent with rivalry within. Does Mansor not show his teeth at the crucial times or he doesnt hav teeth."

Yang Keempat : The transformation of a second singapore has just started. The silence of the muslims has made lim guan eng and his fellow DAP more and more bold. Every one of us have to act and voice out before its too late. Hoping Anuar Ibrahim and PKR too rectify matters is a lost course. They have been totally out played by DAP. We are answerable to Allah if we do nothing now.